Services provided by a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant (CBCC-KA)
These classes meet at the same time every week for several weeks.
Purchase Day School appointments individually to see if this service is right for your pup, or add on extra days to your monthly membership.
These can only be added to dates that you have booked your pup for Day School.

Current offerings:

Positive Nail Trims

Anal Gland Expression

We will give your dog a Kong during any time they are in a crate while at the Academy. This add-on is for Day School clients only.

Giving your dog something to chew on while they are in the crate can help to associate crate time with something wonderful! They will earn to love the crate and have something to do if they are not sleepy.

Drop your puppy off for one hour of socialization with other puppies their own age. Up to 6 puppies will be present, and constantly monitored by a certified trainer to ensure no problem-behaviors are allowed. Puppies will be encouraged to play with one another while feeling safe and confident and learning how to respond appropriately to each other's cues.

Sunday School is available to puppies under 8 months only.

One-day group classes in a specific subject